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Bristol Waste Management

For local private companies and businesses, this service provides waste management solutions in the Bristol area:

We understand that managing your waste stream can be a bit of a headache, that’s why we operate a reliable, affordable and environmentally-friendly waste disposal and collection service here in Bristol.

In 2012/13 Bristol City council ranked 134th out of 352 councils judged by recycling rates. With an EU target of 50% waste recycled by 2020, Bristol is managing 45.30% – impressive, but the city still has a way to go. As England’s sixth most populous city and one known for its industry, Bristol is performing relatively well in the nationwide push for greener, environmentally conscious cities.

12.5 million tonnes of paper and cardboard are used annually in the UK. Paper products can take up to 90% of your business waste, most of which is easily recyclable

We offer the following waste services for businesses and organisations throughout Bristol:

  • A greener rep: We pride ourselves on being a low-cost service. When we say low cost, we mean low cost to you and the environment. Ineffectively managed waste is not only a drain on your resources, but a hazard to the environment. From Blaise Castle to the Avon Gorge, we know that Bristol and surrounding areas are beautiful and naturally rich. It is our aim is to help businesses preserve that. That’s why we are striving towards a zero landfill service, a goal that is now not too far from becoming a reality. Employ our services to give your company a more eco-friendly edge over your competitors.
  • Save you lots of ££££: did you know that with our waste service you could save up to 30%? If you opt for our waste collection system, we will supply you with a wheelie bin free of charge. What’s more, we don’t charge for duty of care or landfill tax. Take your waste disposal problems to us to save your company time and money. We won’t charge for quotes, waste surveys or advice. If you weren’t already saving enough money, your first month’s collection will be entirely free.
  • Work for your company, with your company: Just tell us what you want, and we’ll supply it. We acknowledge that each healthcare business or company is different. That’s why we will tailor our services to suit you. We even offer a detailed waste audit completely free of charge. Just speak to our friendly team of waste consultants today. We can offer everything to manage all kinds of dental waste streams, from x ray waste to amalgam waste. Our Bristol collection team are available 7 days a week, at a time of your choosing that best suits your business. We can also offer flexible daily, weekly or fortnightly deliveries.
  • Give you peace of mind: our service is one you can trust to deal with your waste in a safe and legal way. You can have complete confidence that we only operate safe management and authorised disposal that meets external demands and ‘Duty of Care’ audits. For every move we make, we supply compliant legal documentation.

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We make sure that the services we provide are executed in the most environmentally-friendly manner possible, whilst at the same time offering fast and effective services to you and your business. Perhaps you need hazardous waste removal that your business produces as a by-product, or maybe the office you've hired needs renovating, or the contents of which transporting to a different location. We offer all of this and more - just call us at 01904 295 170 to find out additional information. Thank you.

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If your business produces hazardous, clinical or offensive waste, or even confidential documents, you already know that disposing of this waste can be a bit of a headache. It seems as if tricky environmental regulations dictate waste management every step of the way, and one foot wrong could land your company some serious repercussions: fines, prosecution or even the closure of your business. We offer a service that is completely compliant with regulations, protects your ‘Duty of Care’ and supplies all the right paperwork along the way.

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