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Gillingham Waste Management

This service is available for all businesses and commercial enterprises that are based in the Gillingham and North Kent area.

You may have questions about your business’s waste obligations such as: how much would a regular waste collection cost my company? what type of bins do we need? what are my legal requirements? how can I ensure that my business stays compliant with the latest environmental regulations? and many more.

Our friendly and professional team will answer all your questions and provide you a low cost for your collections

We will take care of all your waste transfer notes and insurances and even provide you a with a point of contact in our customer service team that you can call at any time.

Waste Collections Gillingham

Our waste collectors cover all areas of Gillingham and operate 7 days a week and can arrive at your business at a time that suits you best


We can provide all types of bins for all your different waste streams including the common household wheelie bins or the more common 4 wheeled bins which are larger – we also provide lockable bins if this is something that your business requires.

If you would like to enquire about any of our services, please contact us for more information or for a free no obligation quote within one hour.

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Gillingham Waste Management is currently ranked high with the waste management sector of Northern Kent, Gillingham and the surrounding areas, and for good reason - we offer an impressive range of services and equally impressive prices. These services include many different important tasks that undoubtedly are required by your business or establishment - and we're happy to help.

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Simply call Gillingham Waste Management today on 01904 295 170 for more information about our many services – some are listed above, but we offer much more, and at competitive prices too, find out today by getting in contact with us.

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