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Hartlepool Waste Management

This service is for businesses throughout Hartlepool.

We offer our clients in Hartlepool a reliable and affordable waste disposal service that is environmentally-friendly. If you are a local company or organisation looking for a more efficient way to manage your waste, then we have your solution.

Here are just a small number of the amazing benefits we could offer your business:

  • GREENER REP: More and more businesses in Harlepool are choosing to adopt more eco-friendly policies. It is important to remember that any mistakes in your waste disposal process can have serious repercussions, not only for you but for our environment, also. We pride ourselves on operating an environmentally-friendly service. That’s why every day we are striving towards a zero-to-landfill service, a goal we are very near to. Our service is one you can trust to dispose of your waste not only easily and at a low cost, but also responsibly – this means at a low cost to the environment, too. You can be confident that we can provide your business with an eco-edge against its less-green competitors.
  • PEACE OF MIND: we understand that managing your company’s waste can be a nightmare. Often it feels as if rules and regulations dictate your every move – if you put one foot wrong with the separation, transportation or disposal of your waste it could result in large fines or even prosecution. We operate only the safest management and authorised disposal of waste that will meet all external demands and duty of care audits, with all the compliant documentation along the way. We take care of your waste so that you don’t have to worry about it. Our service is one you can trust to keep your company compliant with all the latest laws, so that you focus your attention on business.
  • VALUE FOR MONEY: We pride ourselves on exercising an excellent customer-care ethos. That’s why, among fast response times and the environment, saving you money is our top priority. We don’t charge for container rental, landfill tax or duty of care – which means unlike other waste collection companies, when you choose our collection service we’ll give you a bin free of charge. What’s more, we’ll even give you your first month’s collection completely free, too! We also won’t charge you for our other services – such as a detailed waste survey or a fast one-hour quote. Overall, we could save your company 30% on waste management.

All you have to do is contact our friendly team of waste consultants in Hartlepool and ask them for a free no obligation quote, or some free advice – we’ll get back to you within the hour.

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Here at Hartlepool Waste Management, we are dedicated to bringing you the finest customer service currently available in the waste management sector. We offer a wide range of services to anyone who needs them, principally catering to business and establishments in the County Durham area. Whether it's document shredding or solvent disposal you might need, or perhaps laboratory equipment transportation you desire, then we're the company for you.

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