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Keeping records of hazardous waste

Keeping records of hazardous waste

If you move or receive hazardous waste you need to record this and maintain a register of your records. Find out what to do here.

The requirements for record keeping have changed. Our revised guidance document HWR05 Record Keeping, which is available on this page, gives details of these changes. The main differences are the length of time that sites that receive hazardous waste (except landfills) are required to keep copies of consignment notes and a new duty on dealers and brokers of hazardous waste to keep records.

Record keeping: moving or receiving
You must maintain records in a register, of each waste involved, if you are involved in the movement of hazardous waste. This includes:

its removal from your premises
intermediate storage
disposal or recovery

Record keeping: disposal or recovery
You must also maintain records where hazardous waste is disposed, or recovered, at the same site as its production or storage.
As a producer, consignor, holder, carrier or consignee you need to:
keep records in a register of hazardous waste movements
supply specified information to us, or emergency services, as required

If you are a consignee (someone who receives hazardous waste) you must also:
keep records (showing waste locations on your site)
provide returns to producers, holders or consignors

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