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London Waste Management

This is a waste disposal service operating in London and local areas. 

We offer our clients across London affordable waste management services that are as low cost for you as they are to the environment. If you are looking for a reliable and affordable service for your waste disposal that is compliant with ‘Duty of Care’ regulations, we can offer you a solution.
We pride ourselves on offering a tailored-to-suit-your-business waste management service. That’s we offer flexible daily, weekly or fortnightly collections. Our London collection team operate 7 days a week and are available at whatever time suits your company. If you opt with our collection service we can even provide you with free, specialised waste bins. Furthermore, we will give you the first month’s collection completely free.

Here are a small number of goals our dedicated waste management team aims to achieve:

  • Reduce your waste: we offer recycling bins, bags and collections to waste-recycling sites to give your company a greener advantage to your competitors. We also supply a range of waste compactors to hire and purchase, so you can literally reduce your waste as well as reduce collections and save money.
  • Provide you with an excellent, low-cost service: unlike other waste disposal services in Newcastle, if you opt for our waste collection service we will supply you with specialised waste bins completely free of charge. Our rates are extremely reasonable and could save your business up to 30%.
  • Give you peace of mind: if your business produces hazardous, clinical or offensive waste, you already know that disposing of this waste can be a bit of a headache. It seems as if tricky environmental regulations dictate waste management every step of the way, and one foot wrong could land your company some serious repercussions: fines, prosecution or even the closure of your business. We offer a service that is completely compliant with regulations, protects your ‘Duty of Care’ and supplies all the right paperwork along the way.
  • Work with your company to provide a tailored waste-disposal system: we can offer your organisation a detailed waste audit for free. We will analyse your waste stream in order to enable us to determine the best way to help your business manage and dispose of your waste efficiently. Identifying the most efficient way to manage your company’s waste could save you time and money.
    #No matter what waste your business produces, we can help – we offer a range of skips, compactors, hazardous and clinical waste bags and bins. Our more common bins include household wheelie bins or larger 4 wheeled bins, please note these also have the option of being lockable.
  • Offer you free and helpful advice: If you have any queries about our service, or about waste management in general, our expert waste consultants are on hand 7 days a week to answer your questions. For free advice, to enquire about your free waste audit or for a free, no obligations quote within one hour contact us today.

If you are a private company or business in London and would like to find out how we could save you up to 30%, please contact us today and ask for a free, no obligation quote.

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It comes as no surprise that the capital of the UK and the fifteenth largest city on the face of the Earth needs a little bit of tidying up now and again. On a serious note though a colossal amount of refuse and waste is contributed to the by-product of London-based businesses and enterprises, and it is London Waste Management's duty to keep the city looking as beautiful and majestic as possible. We offer a large amount of services aimed at accomplishing this goal.

How can we help?

Because of its size, London is home to pretty much every kind of business and establishment there is. This means that while it contributes a huge amount of culture and refinement to the metropolis, it also creates a monumental amount of waste. However, LWM is dedicated to making sure your London-based business is kept free of clutter and refuse, as we offer many different types of collection/disposal/recycling protocols. Simply get in touch today on 01904 295 170 to find out more. Thank you.

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