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Wigan Waste Management

This service is for businesses and organisations in Wigan and nearby.

We are a team of dedicated waste specialists located in Wigan. Our commitment to the environment ensures that your waste will be handled with as little damage to our environment as possible.

We pride ourselves on operating an eco-friendly waste management service. That is why we are striving towards a completely zero-to-landfill service. Our service is one you can trust to keep our environment clean and keep your business compliant with the latest environmental regulations.

To make the whole process even more straightforward, we won’t charge for container rental, landfill tax or duty of care. Your first month’s collection will be entirely free! We could even save your company up to 30%.

All you have to do is choose from flexible daily, weekly or monthly collections. We are available throughout Wigan 7 days a week – any time of day, any day of the week. Just contact us today and ask us for a free, no obligation quote and we’ll get back to you within an hour. If you choose our services, we’ll provide you with a point of contact in our team who will answer your questions any time you like.

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Get a free quotation today from our waste management team, call us on 01904 295 170. We save companies 30% on commercial waste collections.
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Wigan Waste Management - Free Bin for New Customers!

If your business produces hazardous, clinical or offensive waste, or even confidential documents, you already know that disposing of this waste can be a bit of a headache. It seems as if tricky environmental regulations dictate waste management every step of the way, and one foot wrong could land your company some serious repercussions: fines, prosecution or even the closure of your business. We offer a service that is completely compliant with regulations, protects your ‘Duty of Care’ and supplies all the right paperwork along the way.

How can we help?

We make sure that the services we provide are executed in the most environmentally-friendly manner possible, whilst at the same time offering fast and effective services to you and your business. Perhaps you need hazardous waste removal that your business produces as a by-product, or maybe the office you’ve hired needs renovating, or the contents of which transporting to a different location. We offer all of this and more – just call us at 01904 295 170 to find out additional information. Thank you.

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