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Construction Waste Management


Advice and guidance for preventing pollution, managing waste and resources sustainably on construction, demolition and excavation sites.

Good site layout, resource management, and taking sensible steps to minimise pollution can greatly reduce the environmental impact of your site.

Pollution prevention
Every year we respond to 350 pollution incidents caused by construction. Individual builders, small/medium enterprises and larger companies are all responsible for the impact they have on the environment. Pollution during construction can be prevented by careful planning and management of on-site activities.
Follow our guidance to help keep the environment clean and safe.

Construction, demolition and excavation waste
Around 20 million tonnes of construction, demolition and excavation (CD&E) waste was sent to landfill in 2010. At the end of 2011 CD&E waste was the largest contributing waste type in illegal waste sites. Learn More

Your Duty of Care is a legal requirement that applies to the use, treatment, disposal and transportation of waste. Failure to comply with the law risks penalties in court and can lead to serious impacts on the environment.

Good site management and well managed waste handling makes good business sense, reduces costs and enhances community relations.

Sustainable construction
Sustainable construction is about the better management of resources, reusing waste materials where possible, and reducing your carbon footprint. It includes how developments impact on and provide for the surrounding infrastructure and natural environment as well as the fabric of buildings.
Good practice can help you achieve sustainability and reduce costs. Learn more about sustainable construction

Local authorities consult the Environment Agency about planning applications.

The enviro agency use evidence to assess the potential environmental risks associated with a particular development. Whilst we provide evidence and comment on planning applications, we do not have the power to grant or refuse permission for a development. This role rests with the Local Planning Authority.
Often there is not enough information included in planning applications for us to determine what impact the development will have on the environment. You can help speed up your planning application by filling in a pre-application form.

Wildlife and conservation
Before work starts on a construction site, you need to know how to protect plants and animals and how to dispose of invasive species.

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