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Waste Management Resource efficiency

Resource efficiency

The food and drink sector is the third largest industrial user of water. Using water and energy wisely and reducing waste are good for business and the environment.

It is estimated by WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme) that the UK food and drink manufacturing sector could save over £400 million annually if it took simple measures to reduce food waste and packaging and improved use of resources.

We have developed a tool to help you manage resources efficiently
WRAP has identified a series of improved ways of working through the supply and processing chain.

Resource efficiency in the food and drink sector

Steps you can take to reduce water use
establish sub-metering and benchmarking to record consumption and identify where you use most water
optimise cleaning regimes including cleaning in place (CIP) systems
identify opportunities to recycle or re-use water
adopt sequential re-use – using water for two or more processes before disposal
adopt counter-flow reuse – where water flows counter-current to the product so the final product only comes into contact with clean water
re-use water for non process area cleaning
use re-circulating cooling systems
use trigger operated low volume sprays and nozzles to cut down on excess usage
harvest rainwater for non process area cleaning
treated effluent/dirty water can be used for some cleaning such as vehicle, crate and lairage areas
guard against leakage from effluent plants and cooling towers and accidental spills

Join the Federation House Commitment to reduce water use 20% by 2020
Rippleffect gives advice for business on reducing water use

Energy reduction
reduce temperatures in buildings
reduce use of hot water
use energy efficient lighting with light/people sensitive controls
make sure equipment is turned off when not being used
improve insulation
review the carbon footprint of transport options

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